Welcome to the dramatically overhauled LoLTierList.com

The site was built with two purposes in mind. First, it is intended to be a fun way to create and share your very own tier list for League of Legends. From Summoner's Rift to Twisted Treeline, break down the champions in four different categories based on your personal preference and experience from playing LoL. However, the site also serves a second purpose: to aggregate across the community and give an overall view of what is considered "OP" and what doesn't even make the cut. By looking at the community versions of each of the tier lists, you will see the results of all lists which have been modified in the past month averaged together to produce the accumulated judgements of the LoL community.

The goal is not to replace tier lists designed by the pros, but to offer up insight into what is perceived as being strong or weak within the community. With that in mind, there are measures in place to diminish the overall impact of outlier/troll lists in order to keep things meaningful. You can also compare your list to the community's with a Community Match score shown on your list.

So far, 35 tier lists have been created. Sign up is free so check it out!

February 17, 2015

Site is opened to the public.